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Thursday, July 01, 2004


I will be away for 5 days on a fact-finding mission. I would like to thank everybody who has made this blog a success. I truly appreciate the massive amount of emails in support I have received over the last two weeks since the saga began.

After reading some of the posts, I found it amusing that some people find it hard to understand. The article titled “Prince of Serial Pests of Posts” was actually all tongue and cheek. To the person who said “Omar, to me it sounds like your just trying to discredit anyone who's thoughts and opinions have challenged yours,” can you please read the post I am referring to. You will realise that it was someone being humourous, and I thought it was such a clever piece of writing that I could not pass up the opportunity to respond.

The poster following the aforementioned was rather incorrect in his/her statement that “..you are dishing out inaccurate information. Many people were against what you wrote, if not equal with the numbers for,” A clarification to the poster, whom I assume is either Mohammed Salem or a friend –I wrote the “Prince of Serial” posts when there was only one post defending Salem- and even then that post was not what it seemed. You call me the lowest of the low of Muslims, but it is not I who is trying to corrupt Muslims with songs about illicit sex and homosexual activity. It is not I who is flying in the face of the teachings of the Prophet. Instead it is a duty to expose someone who is doing something against Islam openly whilst holding positions in Islamic organisations. Once he has stepped into the public eye with actions that are not befitting of the positions he holds; it is incorrect AND hypocritical for anyone to level the charge of Islamic moral corruption against me.

By the way, because I am sure Mohammed Salem’s world includes the leprechaun, the Wizard from The Wizard of Oz and the tooth fairy, I thought it would be fair to warn Salem for his own good about the awards he might attend. The International Society of Poets is a fraudulent organisation. They have cheated hundreds of people out of money. They are not accredited, nor do they hand out money for awards. Can someone inform Salem that he is about to be made a fool of (again) if he flies to America.

I will be returning next week with some interesting information which I am hoping to share it with you all soon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Where I Went Wrong

I apologise, yes I do. Not to Mohammed Salem but for helping to foster a situation that has inadvertently made Salem more famous or infamous- depends on your take. I believe I have unintentionally helped Salem’s career. If his claims are correct, a previous song of his was downloaded many more times and his website would have, ofcourse, received many more hits- I believe that I am partly responsible for this. As I have stated earlier, his lifestyle is his choice BUT not at Islam’s expense. That is a request that any fair minded Muslim would agree with.

As much as Salem tries to justify his actions in the light of Islam, he is wrong and if he were truly sincere to the religion, he claims to adhere to, he would admit as much. He has stated on his website and elsewhere that “I would just like to say that being against homophobia does not make a person gay. But I do believe that we are all human and that we all deserve equal respect.” Well that is his opinion, but never, ever claim that this is the teaching of Islam in regards to homosexuality.

It is grand hypocrisy for him to be milking this situation for every drop he can suckle. He has posted repeatedly that the song of his has caused an uproar in the Islamic community and how he is fighting back and blah blah blah to increase interest in him and his work. Simultaneously he plays the martyr, the persecuted, and the crucified- a drama queen indeed.

So I was wrong to give this person the publicity he craved, I should have left him to become the legend in his own lunchbox. It is too late and now Salem is thinking he is important. I just hope he slides and slithers back to that murky cesspool from which he ascended.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Mohammed Salem: Steve Palmquist Has Been Supportive

Elizabeth Taylor Rumoured To Fly Into Town To Be By The Side of The Singer, U.S To Enforce Embargos

In what can only be described as a massive morale booster for the Salem camp, Steve Palmquist has sent embattled singer Mohammed Salem letters of support. Here is the extraordinary late breaking news posted (click here) on Salem’s website:

International superstars showing support
June 16th, 2004
International superstars including European actor Steve Palmquist have sent in letters of support regarding the controversy surrounding the single Can you handle this. The singles release date was pushed back to July after the recent success of Salem's second single Say you'll make love with me again broke into the Top 20 this week.

Steve Palmquist, is a European theatre actor in Denmark -according to Google (actually the listing was a post by Palmquist himself in which he signed it off as with the words “theatre actor” after his name.) A source within the Salem camp says that the avalanche of letters coming from around the world has buoyed the singer, "He is much happier now and is a little giddy, especially after the letters came from the Danish stage actor.”

Rumours abound that Elizabeth Taylor will take time out from caring for the maligned Michael Jackson and will fly to Australia, aboard Air Force One to lend her support to the fledgling singer. Sources in the White House have confirmed George Bush is deeply disturbed with the developments and has offered Taylor use of the presidential airplane along with the message “with Godspeed.” President Bush is expected to announce, in the upcoming State of The Union speech, that he will ask Congress and the Untied Nations to enforce trade embargos against the Muslim group believed to be at the centre of the Mohammed Salem furor.

Sting, the former lead singer of seventies band Police, is gathering support in the entertainment industry for a one-off concert to help raise funds for Mohammed Salem. “After singing Desert Rose with Arab singer Cheb Mami I could not stand by and see his fellow Arab brother go through this alone, especially one so popular on the internet MP3 scene” he said.

No official word from Downing Street on whether British Prime Minister Tony Blair will follow Bush’s lead, but a leaked memo to British tabloid The Daily Mirror suggested that the Blair government would give the Americans unequivocal support. Australian Prime Minister John Howard has already told cabinet that they will commit forces; the 3 soldiers are expected in Melbourne later this week.

Other world leaders are divided on the issue. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called for talks, the French are rejecting possible calls of an embargo and are threatening to block any U.N Resolution, the Germans have abstained from commenting and the Israelis have responded by stepping up attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, who is in Israel, after hearing the news about Salem returned to the Wailing Wall to cry some more.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Nick Berg: The Story That Shouldn't Go Away

I got my hands on the footage of the “beheading” of American Nick Berg. Like everyone else who watched it the first time I assumed that the video was real and I was, indeed, watching a man having his head hacked off accompanied by his horrendous screams. I gullibly accepted it as fact that it was the handiwork of Muslims. Morbid curiosity kept me transfixed until the gruesome end.

Within a week the murmurings of protest of “We didn’t do it!” that usually accompanied any act by Muslims deemed “horrific” could be heard through the Islamic world. I dismissed the notion that this was another “conspiracy theory” by the Zionists to discredit Muslims. Do not get me wrong, I do believe in forces conspiring but I will not accept anything as fact; i.e 4,000 Jews not showing up to work on September 11.

For some reason though, this one seems to have something that other conspiracies don’t- substance. Al-Jazeera wondered aloud on their website 'how is it possible that CNN, BBC and Fox were able to download the video from a website that is in Arabic belonging to the group Muntada al-Ansar al-Islami and minutes later Al-Jazeera could not because it had been removed.' They didn’t explicitly imply this but what Al-Jazeera is alleging is that the western news agencies were tipped off and directed to the site giving them first and only access to the video. As we are well aware, Al-Jazeera is the preferred station by these Muslim groups so it seemed like something was afoot.

A few brave mainstream journalists have questioned the authenticity of the Berg video and a small flurry of activity occurred. In what should have been a story of possible scandalous proportions, it has now, essentially, been reduced to the analysis and conjecture of lesser-known internet news groups, conspiracy theorists and other assorted websites. However, as we Muslims know, sometimes these are the best places to find the most eye-opening information that concerns us. That is because people whose surnames suffix with ‘berg’, ‘stein’ or the like do not own these sites.

I will not go into a detailed analysis of what anomalies the video footage provides; instead, I will list below links to the best websites on the Nick Berg affair. If you don’t have access to the Berg execution (and why would you?) it might be hard to visualize what points are explained but altleast it is worth a read.

Then after you have finished looking through them maybe you can bombard a few of your favourite mainstream journalists with emails and challenge them to look into it. How about Andrew Bolt? Close your mouth, I was just joking.


http://www.aztlan.net/nick_berg_how_done.htm (strangely the entire website seems to have gone missing. This website was used as a reference by a journalist who wrote an article for the Sydney Morning Herald. It contained some amazing analysis. Makes you wonder…)

(It is a long read but stay with this one. Very deep examination of the video, especially the beheading from a forensic viewpoint.)

Sunday, June 13, 2004

...And Then There Were A Billion.

Wading through the over-infested waters that is weblogging is not a leisurely activity by any stretch of the imagination. Peace lovers, warmongers, the self-righteous, left-wing tree huggers, right-wing rednecks, no-wing, gays, lesbians, the lactose intolerant, ant-eaters- the list is annoyingly endless. However, more often than not, we find it is the lonely, pimply faced, nerdy geek who sits behind his computer screen into the wee hours of the morning tap tapping away believing that someone out there would actually waste the kilojoules in his index finger to click onto their blog. Believing the possibility that deep in southern Africa some spear-throwing Zulu would take the time out of his buffalo-chasing afternoon to find out what kind of ‘goodie’ his favourite nerd found at the bottom of his cereal box, or which Superman movie he thought “rocked” the most. (Some people might find the paradox in me writing this paragraph and if you do keep the comments to yourself- please.)

Maybe that is an exaggeration but you get my point. I was thinking about this internet epidemic when I received an invitation to join another blog called ‘idiotwatch’ (click here.) The aim that co-editors Dr. Willis Drummond (no, not from “what you talking about Willis?” fame) and Dr. Nick Riviera (alas, “Hi everybody,” he is not) detailed in their e-mail is to humourously critique the growing scourge of “idiocy in the community,” succinct, simple. I accepted.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

The 'Prince' of Serial Pests of Posts.

You might not know him by name but you most likely would have come across Peter Hore interrupting your favourite sporting or celebrity event. Known as a serial pest his “decorated list of achievements” includes among others: interrupting the funeral of rock singer Michael Hutchence, ripping the goal net during Australia's World Cup soccer qualifier against Iran in Melbourne and invading the floor in the South Australian parliament. Hore announced his retirement after running onto the Olympic course waving a didgeridoo during the men's marathon at the Sydney Olympics.

However, like Ronald Reagan’s funeral, he will not go away and earlier this year was charged with assisting asylum seekers escape from the Woomera detention centre. He seems to be protesting about something and in a rare television interview last year he unintelligibly explained as much. About what? We do not know and neither does he.

Why have I wasted two paragraphs on this social pest? My criticism of Mohammed Salem stirred some feedback which for the most part, not surprisingly, was in agreement; except for one response, or seemingly so. ‘Abu Abdullah Abdullah ibn Abu Abdullah’ ironically said I am an “anonymous coward”, for “slandering a brother in Islam who has done more for Islam and the Muslims in Australia” than I have. He further espouses the achievements and virtues of Salem and defends him to the hilt, even giving his own ridiculous theory on the significance of the naked man on Salem’s album cover. One would almost be forgiven for thinking that it was either a friend or fan of the burly man.

Two paragraphs later in his ‘essay’ he pretty much does an about face and launches a vitriolic attack on Salem while trying to pass the buck. He even went as far as to blantantly lie and claims he is quoting me, "effeminate, whimpering poof"- which, ofcourse I never said. He interspersed his contradictory commentary with some, admittedly, brilliant moments of humour, “one of the worst singers to ever appear in the crevices of the internet MP3 scene” he writes; and this ripper, “Who the hell died and made you Ronald Reagan, you moralising, socially-conservative nitwith?”

Reading this one might think it is obviously the work of a clever man with a very witty sense of humour. Unfortunately this isn’t so because I am familiar with this internet posting pest. How? I have in the past come across many similar rants and spiel on Islamic oriented websites. The bemoaning of the Saudi funded “double vowelled” movement seeping through the Australian Islamic society has become his trademark dribble and therefore his writing style is conspicuous by it’s repetitiveness. Ironically, according to my contacts in Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, this Wahabi-Sufi-Ikhwani-Tablighi manhaj cross-dresser (see fotnote)was a guest of the Saudi regime a couple of years back even going as far as claiming, in a ruling regime funded newspaper, that “King Fahd is the undisputable Commander of the Faithful, whose presence and authorative persona is reminicent of the great Hakim (Fatamid Shia ruler of Egypt)….(and his half-brother) Crown Prince Abdullah is his trusty aide who is willing to sacrifice himself for the cause of the Islamic world in the same mold as Hakim’s trusted vizier- Darazi.” (Darazi claimed that Hakim was the incarnate of God who fled to the area of Lebanon and founded the Druze sect.) This is just an example of the confused mental state of this pathetic internet version of Peter Hore. The net is littered with his absurd, rubbish, nonsensical, but admitedly amusing protests and commentary-but I will not give him the satisfaction of mentioning his name or website.

(Footnote: I hope I am not misunderstood here. I am not making fun of any group. I am implying that the Serial Post Pest can’t make up his mind what he is.)

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Mojo- Mohammed Salem, A Disgrace.

There is a "Muslim", and I use this word tentatively, whose name is Mohammed Salem. He is an Australian and, like me, he is of Egyptian origin. He is a singer/songwriter/actor –take your pick- and has his own website.(click here)

Salem is primarily a musician, by his own admission, and has released a self-titled album called “Mojo” (Mojo being his nickname.) To conservative Muslims that is disturbing enough but what has riled the Melbourne Muslim community is his upcoming song “Can You Handle This”. The theme of the song is homosexual love which is a big NO-NO in Islam.

Most people will say that we live in a free and democratic society and what he does with his life is no ones business but his own. That is true, these are the laws of the land, but what is also true is the right of Muslims to defend their religion. Mohammed Salem has been a member of the Victorian University Islamic Society and according to him a founder of The Islamic Institute of Sport. If he wants to write songs about his homosexual fantasies then that’s his choice, but he should be respectful of the community he professes to be a member of and withdraw from all official positions he holds as someone who represents Islam.

It is sad to see that he and his record company are threatening legal action against a Muslim group for being, and rightly so, outraged at misrepresentation by Mohammed Salem in their dealings with one another. I hope that sanity prevails and Salem realises that he should do the right thing and withdraw his legal threat and step down from all positions that he holds within the Islamic community.